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RF Cables - RF Cable Manufacturing Services
Digital Coax, Flexible RF, Rigid, Semi-Rigid, and Conformable RF Cables,
Low Loss RF Cable Assemblies

We are a diversified RF cable supplier and RF cable manufacturer, offering standard, as well as custom RF cables.  Our capabilities span a wide variety of RF cable types, such as Digital Coax, Antenna Cables, Low Loss RF, Flexible RF, Rigid RF, Semi Rigid RF cables. Over the years, we have developed and industry-wide reputation for precision manufacturing, high performance, consistent quality, and great value. We continuously strive to position ourselves at the forefront of the RF cable manufacturing technology, through advanced equipment, innovating engineering, and high quality parts and workmanship.  This allows us to offer our customers the highest quality RF cable solutions at the most competitive prices.

Contact us Today with your specific Custom and OEM Cable Manufacturing Requirements

High-quality, high-frequency connectivity can only be achieved with the highest grade RF components, tooling, and manufacturing processes to insure that our built to spec RF cables meet and exceed all applicable standards, as well as the most demanding customer expectations.

Please see below why we are one of the most respected supplier of custom coax and RF cable assemblies:

     Fast Response, Quick Quotes
     Extensive Pre and Post-Sale technical support
     Innovative RF Cable Design & Engineering
     Custom-Built, Built-to-Spec is our specialty
     Rapid Prototypes
     Extended RF cable Manufacturing Capabilities,
     Small-Runs/High-Mix and Volume Production,
     OEM, ODM Custom RF Cables
     Superior Coax and RF Cable Shielding Solutions
     100% RF Cable Testing
     Custom Marking with heat shrink and self laminating labels, Custom Packaging
     Fast and Reliable Deliveries

Please call on us with any of the following: 

     Custom SMA Coax Cables
    Coax Cable Assemblies
     Custom BNC Coaxial Cables
     Custom Semi Rigid Coaxial Cables
     MINI Coax SMB Cables
     Custom SMC Coax Cables
     MMCX Cables
     DSX3 735 & WECO Cables
     N Coax Cables
     Custom VIDEO / AUDIO Cables

     SMA to SMA Cables
     N to SMA Cables
     SMA to TNC Cables
     SMA Right Angle Cables
     SMA Reverse Polaruty to Type-N Cables
     SMA Extension Cables
     SMA Semi Rigid Cables
     SMA Reverse Polarity Cables
     SMA to Female Bulkhead Cables

     BNC to BNC Cables RG 59 75ohm
     BNC to BNC Cables RG179 75ohm
     SIMPLEX BNC to BNC 735 Cables
    Coaxial Assembly
     BNC to BNC 735 Cables
     MINI SMB to BNC Male Cables
     BNC to BNC Cables RG 58 50ohm
     BNC to BNC Cables RG188 50ohm
     DUPLEX BNC to BNC 735 Cables
     MINI SMB to BNC Y Male Cables
     BNC to BNC Cables RG174 50ohm
     BNC to BNC Cables RG187 75ohm
     735 DSX 75ohm BNC to BNC Right Angle Cables  

     Mini Weco 440 to Mini Weco 440 Coax Cables
     MIni Weco to BNC Cables
     Weco 358A to Weco 358A Coaxial Cables
     MIni Weco 440 to Weco 358A Coax Cables

     VIDEO Component Cable 3 x BNC to 3 x BNC Cable
     VIDEO Component Cable 5 x BNC to 5 x BNC Cable
     3 BNC Plug to 3 RCA VIDEO Cable
     BNC to RCA RG-59 Cables
     RG-6 BNC to RCA VIDEO Cables
     Component HD 15 Plug to 3 BNC VIDEO Cable   Coaxial Bulk Cable
     BNC to BNC RG59 VIDEO Cables
     RG-6 BNC to BNC VIDEO Cables
     DB15 HD to 5 x BNC Component VIDEO Cable
     75ohm F to F Gold Plated RG59 and RG6 Video Cables

     RG-62, RG-59, RG-58, RG-174, RG-213, RG-6, RG-11
     BNC, TNC, UHF, MINI UHF, N Type

MMCX Cables / Coaxial Cable assemblies with MMCX Connectors
The MMCX cables are the next generation 50 ohm micro-miniature surface mount coaxial interconnects. Providing a more robust interface for greater durability, the MMCX cable assemblies are ideal for high volume wireless SMT or PCMCIA applications in cellular base stations, cellular phones, personal communicators, and more. The MMCX connectors satisfy the need for high-density, light weight coaxial connectivity products. The MMCX family is a 50 ohm coaxial interconnect system with performance to 6 GHz. These connector products include surface mount jacks, edge launch jacks and plugs, right angle and straight cable plugs, and inter-series cable assemblies.

Semi Rigid Coax Cables/ Micro Coax Cables
The micro-coax cable / semi-rigid coaxial cable is still the best pure microwave transmission medium available in the world. The solid tubular outer conductor yields 100% RF shielding and enables the dielectric and center conductor to remain precisely spaced. This results in optimum impedance control, as well as the lowest possible insertion loss and weight to size ratios. Semi-rigid coaxial cables are also inexpensive when compared to many other coaxial cable alternatives. The primary considerations for using semi-rigid are the availability of bend tooling, the difficulty in routing and the need to reform the cable. Generally, the more flexibility required, the more the designer should consider other alternatives.

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